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Fourways High School Shop Price List for 2017

Products Available Pricing
Athletics vest R 260.00
Athletics jammers R 230.00
Athletics tight-fit top R 280.00
Blazer: navy and red (up to 38) R 610.00
Blazer: navy and red ( 40/42/44) R 650.00
Blazer: navy and red ( 46/48) R 725.00
Cricket cap R 200.00
Cricket hat R 220.00
Cricket shirt R 225.00
Cricket shirt (1st team) R 250.00
Cricket trousers R 260.00
Cushions R 80.00
Gloves R 50.00
Half Colours braid (per metre) R 20.00
Jersey: navy R 195.00
Jersey white R 195.00
Pencil case R 15.00
Rugby jersey R 450.00
Scarf: navy R 150.00
Scarf: white R 150.00
Scroll: blue R 25.00
Scroll: blue R 25.00
Scroll: red R 25.00
Scroll: red R 25.00
Shirt: long-sleeved R 185.00
Shirt: long-sleeved R 185.00
Shirt: short-sleeved R 165.00
Shirt: phys ed R 220.00
Shirt: sleeveless (hoc/ten/net); R 310.00
Products Available Pricing
Shorts: navy (XS/L) R 155.00
Shorts: navy (XL/3XL) R 170.00
Shorts: white R 200.00
Skirt R 295.00
Skorts (hoc/ten/net) R 290.00
Socks: grey R 35.00
Socks: navy R 50.00
Socks: rugby/hockey (blue) R 60.00
Socks: rugby/hockey (red) R 60.00
Supporters shirts R 125.00
Swimming cap R 100.00
Swimming jammers R 185.00
Speedo boys R 140.00
Speedo girls R 250.00
Tennis shirt: girls 1st team R 270.00
Tennis shirt: boys 1st team R 280.00
Tie R 60.00
Tie (1st team) R 60.00
Tights R 40.00
Tracksuit pants: navy R 250.00
Tracksuit top: navy (XS/L) R 350.00
Tracksuit top: navy (XL/3XL) R 400.00
Tracksuit top: red R 400.00
Tribe Shirt (S/XXL) R 80.00
Tribe Shirt (XXXL) R 80.00
Volleyball shirt: 1st team R 270.00

Take note the above pricing is subject to change. For more information feel free to drop us a mail at

Last updated 12 April 2016

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