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The Seven Fields Of Involvement

Fourways High School offers a range of Olympiads for pupils to get involved in


Fourways High School has had great response from students wishing to write the ATKV (Afrikaans Taal en Kultuur Vereniging) Olympiad each year.

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The South African Computing Olympiad (SACO) is an annual computer programming competition for secondary school students in South Africa.

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We have had great interest in the EMS Olympiad and managed to represent Gauteng recently, placing 2nd in National competition.

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An English competition that draws over 8000 entries each year. The syllabus & examination questions offer stimulation not found within the school syllabus.

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General Knowledge

The General Knowledge Olympiad is run by the University of Free State. Initiated by a leading figure in education circles, Professor Jonathan Jansen.

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This Olympiad is organised by the South African Mathematics Foundation, in conjunction with several other associations.

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The National Science Olympiad, one of SAASTA’s flagship projects. The project offers learners in grades 10-12 the opportunity to compete in science.

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Bring Your Own Device
Introducing the BYOD initiative. Students prescribed textbooks are now available in e-pub format for use on tablets. Purchase your textbooks through the ITSI portal here...