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Holding an audience

Courage is not the absence of fear; courage is the overcoming of it.

There are very few professions in the world today which do not, at one point or another, require their employees to perform some type of public speaking.

When one then considers the fact that many psychological studies place the fear of public speaking (or glossophobia) above the fear of death, one suddenly realises what an invaluable skill this cultural extramural provides.

Public Speaking Excellence

Fourways High Schools Public Speakers are fearless, and intelligent, gifted, well read and very good at what they do. Not only can they hold an audience in the palm of their hand individually, but they form perfect cohesive teams.

Our institution has a proud history of excelling in the Speech and Drama Guild’s competition, we’re fast building a name for ourselves in both the world of Eisteddfods and (because our speakers are such vociferous competitors) we are now building our very own league.

If you (a student at Fourways High School) enjoy public speaking or are tempted to see if you have the guts required for oratorical glory or if you are terrified of public speaking but brave enough to overcome your fear, get in touch with the teachers in charge for further information.

Individual & Team Awards

Download the awards issued to pupils for debating.

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