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Becoming A Journalist

Overview of the activity

Legends Magazine

Fourways Legends is a magazine featuring articles written by the pupils taking part in journalism. The magazine focuses on events at the school, as well as informative and thought-provoking articles. It is published once a term and it is an effort by the pupils for pupils. It also includes a term planner and other relevant information for parents and learners.

Photography Club

A club where photographers of the school can meet and share images and ideas. Photographers take part in Eisteddfods and win awards for their work. Students are sent on assignments and photograph all aspects of life at Fourways High School. Those wishing to join should have a camera of their own and have some knowledge of visual art.

Fourways High School encourages its pupils to take part in journalism. The activity not only directly assists the staff and governing body to get information out to pupils or parents but also allows pupils involved to develop a fundamental skill set for a bright future in the industry.

Pupils interested in this activity should have an interest in creative writing, photography and commitment to attending school events.

As a journalist you will be involved in:

  • Legends Magazine
  • Photography Club
  • Matric Year Book

Matric Year Book

The Matric Yearbook aims to document every learner’s most important high school year – the last one. Filled with memories that will one day be pored over with nostalgic reminiscences, a yearbook has long been a staple of Hollywood films. And now, for the first time, Fourways High School will be joining the metaphorical party.

The Matric Yearbook aims to help document all the best high school memories. Written by members of the Matric student body, for their peers, the Matric Yearbook aims to catalogue the most important aspects of every student’s ultimate school year.

We are excited to see the phenomenal work that these young ‘journalists’ will undoubtedly be able to create. After all it won’t be hard for them to find exceptional academics, sportsmen and women, and those whom are ridiculously culturally talented at Fourways High School. As we all already know there is one word, above all others, that best describes the Matric Class of Fourways High School – #Legends.

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