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General overview & competition results


Item Winner – Participant receiving the highest mark for his/her item in the grade. (eg: poetry grade 8)

Category Winner – Participant receiving the highest mark for his/her item in the category. (eg: poetry grade 8 – 12)

Ambassador Award – Participant receiving a mark of 98% for his/her item. That place the participant in the top 3% of participants overall.

This is an external event that our learners are encouraged to perform in. It caters for all age groups and includes a variety of events ranging from poetry readings to public speaking. It is the perfect platform for learners to showcase their various talents and perform in front of a large audience. They also receive a professional critique from highly experienced adjudicators. If you can sing, dance, act, paint, draw, write, or play an instrument, then this is an event you should participate in.

The Eisteddfod takes place year round and if you receive a diploma, with the highest marks for your category, then you can be invited to the next round, where you compete against the best in the country at the National Eisteddfodd.


A participant with the highest mark (%) is rewarded with a certificate (bronze, silver or gold) for their efforts.

Diplomas – To achieve a diploma in an eisteddfodd a student must score a minimum of 90% in their category or higher.

National – Any performer that has received a diploma in an eisteddfod or similar competition, may enter for the NEA Young Performer Awards competition.

Latest Results

Download the latest eisteddfodd results below

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