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Excellence Through Activity

Students are spoilt for choice with activities to suite their specific talents

We offer a vast range of extramural activities to suit the individuality of our students. Whether it is on the sporting field, the theatrical stage or in the classroom, each student can find something to suite their creativity. It is our belief that each child should participate in some sort of extramural throughout the year but this choice is left to the sole decision of the student. We have seen notable improvements from students involved in extramurals and believe the commitment to them creates lasting change within each and every student. Their character is constantly put to the test, resulting in a higher sense of purpose and fulfillment in the process. Staff members are encouraged to get involved with extramural activities and the majority have had past success within the field they are involved in and provide valuable insight and coaching to all students. We have also got specialist coaches that come in to fill the positions that require additional expertise and mentor any staff in need of assistance.

The Five Fields Of Involvement

Outlined below are five extramural activities students can get involved with


We have a vast amount of sporting activities that run on a term-by-term basis. As sport such as Swimming and Waterpolo cannot be played during the colder months. This also allows students the opportunity to participate in multiple sporting activities throughout the calendar year.

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Inspiring creativity, passion and optimism. We encourage students to personally challenge themselves and those around them on a daily basis. Instilling a more holistic approach to school life. Creating new avenues for personal and collective growth within your school career.

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Joining a service at Fourways High School doesn't come with a whole lot of lime-light, however it is a vital part of the school community. Students that selflessly serve others experience significant growth in character and as a result it teaches us to think of others ahead of ourselves.

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We offer a range of Olympiads for the academically inclined to participate in. It is a great way to test your knowledge within the teaching fields provided. We encourage learners to participate as it attributes to good work ethic and knowledge of school curriculum.

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F1 In Schools

F1 in Schools is an international competition that challenges teams of school students to set up their own Formula 1™ team and run it as a mini-enterprise project. This teaches students to manage budgets, market their team as well as designing and manufacturing skills.

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Bring Your Own Device
Introducing the BYOD initiative. Students prescribed textbooks are now available in e-pub format for use on tablets. Purchase your textbooks through the ITSI portal here...