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Mission Statement

Committed to providing the best possible education.

Fourways High School is a community school committed to providing the best possible education to all students who live within the feeder area of the school. The ethos that has developed within the school is based on mutual respect and tolerance, leading to a harmonious school community that is known for its friendliness and school spirit. No wonder all our learners signed the Code of Conduct, to the development of which they also contributed greatly. The school aims to develop each learner to his or her maximum potential, in a holistic environment that seeks to nurture every talent, be it academic, cultural, in sport and in leadership.

Every member of the Fourways Family – learners, parents and teachers alike – work hard towards the attainment of our school motto. Fourways is committed to the achievement of excellence in all spheres of school life. Our students find school challenging and enjoyable. And leave us equipped to cope in a technologically sophisticated and competitive world.

School Rules & Policies

Policies we have put in place to ensure a productive learning environment

School Prayer & Song

Father God, Maker of Heaven and Earth,
To know You is everlasting life,
And to serve You is perfect freedom.
We present ourselves to You to do Your will:
That those of us who teach, should do it responsibly;
Those who learn, should be receptive and grateful;
That we should lead, with all diligence,
And follow, with due respect.
To this end we pray:
“Woza Moya”, Come, Holy Spirit, and transform us.
Make us servants of one another,
Whether we are Councillors, Pupils or Teachers.
Let us be gracious and merciful, honest and upright, reflecting Your nature,
Knowing that we will give an account before You, Oh God,
And You alone.
We commit ourselves to use this place of learning to it’s full capacity,
To the Glory of God, and to the good of all mankind.
Lord hear our prayer,
And let our cry come to You.

Music by (A Heyl)
Musical Arrangment (A Clayton, J Evans & M Guthrie)
Words written by (A Heyl and M Guthrie)

Stand Proud, Stand Tall
When we hear the Fourways Call
It rises in the North, It Binds us one and all
Be brave, Be Proud
When they whisper, say it Loud, (even)
If it separates us from the crowd

The Blue we wear, is the brother-hood we share
Our hearts beat like a drum
We are brave though we are young
A hand we lend to our teachers and our friends (‘cos)
We know it’s all that matters in the end

Ngiya Zeqhenya
I’m part of Fourways High
Ngiya Zeqhenya
I’m proud to be at Fourways High

The sun may set, but we never will forget
The lessons we have learnt (and)
The honour we have earned
In a land of hope, Four Pillars we stand strong
No matter what we will go on as one

It’s the call we make, when standing side-by-side
No other has the pride that we cherish deep inside
To our school we sing, it’s our thankfulness we bring
May its heart prosper and thrive and march alive

Ngiya Zeqhenya
I’m part of Fourways High
Ngiya Zeqhenya
I’m proud to be at Fourways High

Ngiya Zeqhenya
I’m part of Fourways High
Ngiya Zeqhenya
I’m proud to be at Fourways High

Semper Vertute

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