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Please ensure you read all the information provided below.

ADMISSIONS Grade 8 2023

Applications for Grade 8 2022 Admissions will open on Tuesday 10 August 2021 at 08h00.

Please take note of the two phases– Phase 1 for Grade 7’s currently in Public Ordinary Primary Schools (government Primary Schools) which will open on Tuesday 10 August 2021 and Phase 2 for Grade 7’s currently in Private/Independent Primary schools which will open on Monday 13 September 2021.

Please select the relevant document for further details on the Admissions 2022 process. (Please find documents here.)

Parents will first need to register and then make the application for your child.

Applicants will be placed in accordance with the amended Admissions Criteria, which priorities applicants who live in the school feeder zone from the home address that is closest to the school. Parents are able to apply to a total of five schools however it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to select the school that is CLOSEST TO WHERE YOU LIVE as one of the options. The applicant who applied first will not be placed first, the applicant who lives in the school feeder zone at the home address that is closest to the school will be placed first. (please be advised this is as per the GDE website as at 18 June 2020)

There are 5 application options, namely:

*   Option 1 – Home: The applicant learner’s place of residence is closest to the school within the feeder zone

*   Option 2 – Sibling / Previous School: the applicant learner has a sibling attending the school

*   Option 3 – Work: the place of employment of at least one of the applicant learner’s parents is within the feeder zone of the school

*   Option 4 – 30 kms within of the school: the applicant learner’s place of residence is within a 30 kms of the school

*   Option 5 – beyond 30 kms from the school: the applicant learner’s place of residence is beyond a 30 kms from the school

School Feeder Zones are published in Provincial Gazette number 339 Vol. 24 of 2018. Also, when you select the “Home” Option while making your application, all the schools with feeder zones that cover your home address will appear on a drop-down list.

Please be advised that your child may not automatically be placed at the school/s you have applied to. You will receive an offer of placement from ONE or MORE of the schools during the Placement Period (1 October 2020 to 30 November 2020). Parents must respond by accepting the offer within 7 days to secure placement.

Certified copies of the following Documents must be submitted within 7 days after making an application:


*   Child birth certificate

*   Parent/Guardian ID or Passport

*   Valid Proof of Home/ Parent Work address

*   Recent Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 application


*   Parent Study Permit and Passport

*   Parent Work Permit and Passport

*   Parent Refugee Permit

*   Parent Asylum Seeker Permit

*   Permanent Residence

*   Valid Proof of Home/Work address

*   Most recent Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 application

Applicants may upload certified copies of required Documents ONLINE to one of the schools that you applied to. Other schools that you applied to will be able to view (see) the documents. Once your child has been placed (from 01 October) you may be asked to bring hard copy documents to Fourways High School.

The following are the Terms and Conditions which parents will have to accept on the GDE website prior to making an application –

Online Application for admission of learners to Public Ordinary Schools

*   The information requested is confidential and is intended only for the purposes of Grade 1 and Grade 8 applications in the Gauteng Province

*   Once information on the application form is completed and submitted, no changes can be made

*   Documentation submitted and/or uploaded will be verified by the schools that the applicant applied to

*   Submission of the Application does not guarantee placement of a learner at the schools applied to. However, the Department will ensure that all learners are placed in schools with space(s) available

*   Any falsified or incorrect information/document/s provided may result in an application being rejected and/or disqualified

*   The Gauteng Department of Education does not accept liability for any errors or omissions committed by applicants while completing the Online Application Form

*   Applications made based on the option Home address within the Feeder Zone will be prioritized for placement at the school closest to the applicant’s home address as far as possible

*   A School Feeder Zone covers a number of home and/or work addresses within a specific area(s) as demarcated by the school

*   School Feeder Zones differ from school to school. Some residential addresses close to the school may not form part of the school’s Feeder Zone. Feeder Zones Maps of all schools are published in the Provincial Gazette number 339 Vol. 24 of 2018

*   Ensure that you read the Amendments to Regulations relating to the Admission of Learners to Public Schools, 2019, as published in Provincial Gazette, Extraordinary, 18 March 2019, together with South African Schools Act 84 of 1996, (Published under Regulations and Policies on the Landing Page)for more information regarding Admission of learners to Public Ordinary Schools

All the above information can be found on the GDE website and is correct as at 18 June 2020.



Grade 8 Admissions are made directly to the Gauteng Department of Education by way of their online portal – Please refer to “Admissions Criteria” where you will find further information.


Applications for Grade 9 to 11 are made directly to the school by means of our online application – Please refer to “Admissions Criteria” for more information.


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Please be advised that our school is currently at capacity in all grades. If you wish to have your child’s name added to the waiting list, you may click on the link below to complete our online application.


Once you have completed and submitted the online form: a) Print it out b) Both parents are required to sign each page c) Submit the signed hardcopy document and all the required supporting documents to the school for verification. (Please refer to the Admissions Criteria and Process above, for information regarding the required supporting documents)

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